The Church of Lord Jashin

Welcome followers of Lord Jashin

A word from our Creator, Mammon:

"I have been following Lord Jashin for some time now. In the time that I have been a follower of Lord Jashin, I have yet to meet any Jashinists. So I am making this website so that I can gather the Jashinists here. I want to make this a place where Jashinists can gather and meet one another to talk about this religion amongst other things, and strengthen a bond on our community through peace. Most people look down on Jashinists because of the things we do. But not here. This is a place that a Jashinist can feel at home. So if you are Jashinist, please feel free to join this site, post your achievements, goals, and how much control you have over your pain. I wish to make you, the Jashinist, feel welcome here. Also, please refrain from posting things about Hidan from the animated TV series, Naruto: Shippuden. It is very annoying and often taken the wrong way. If you have any questions at all, please go to the FAQ page and either I or a Staff member will answer your question ASAP."


If you are new here, please visit the FAQ to find the answers to any questions you may have, and file a new Question(if you have any) and they will be answered ASAP by the Site Admin, Napoisk.

You may send Napoisk messages if you have any questions or concerns. 


The FAQ page will be updated regularly with each new question we receive. Keep checking in to see if a question you may need an answer to is already posted before asking it. It'll save you and the Staff time.

Possibility of having a Site Contests Page. This will be for users to get to interact with one another more, especially for those who do not know each other in person. These contests will involve a lot of things in which Jashinism can be incorporated into. More will be posted later.


HTML formatting addition to a page for those interested in how to make fonts look different, add images from a site with a few symbol command, create different styles and sizes of font without a toolbar and much more.

Possible Site Contests Page. Look at Announcements to read more about it.

New style change. Is the image used for the background of this wiki too dark? Does it sometimes throw you off of where certain things are? Possibility of maybe changing image to something a bit lighter, but still having the Jashinist symbol and all of the wonderful blood and gore. If not wanting the same image on every page, each page could possibly have a different background image, still pertaining to the subject of Jashinism though.


You may be featured here someday! So keep checking in! (Will update soon)